<![CDATA[Design Yourself - Blog]]>Sat, 06 Feb 2016 21:50:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Pressing play activates happiness]]>Sat, 21 Nov 2015 03:50:17 GMThttp://designyourselffit.weebly.com/blog/pressing-play-activates-happinessA few months ago I got my palm read in support of a friend who had her first palm reading ever. I used to love doing stuff like that in my early twenties, but lately I’ve been of the mindset that I can create my own reality- although I still believe in the power of the moon and the sun and the stars.

The palm reader actually left me super motivated and inspired with most of what she told me, but it wasn’t all great to hear. Especially when she told me I’ve just been unlucky in love and she wasn’t sure what else to say on the topic.

Well a breakup ensued not too long after, and then as I put myself out there again and continued taking chances, my poor heart just got a little beat up in the process. This last disappointment had me feeling like I was literally knocked down to the floor, and I thought- maybe I should just stay here for a while.
And I did.
I hardly checked social media intentionally cutting myself off from people I didn't have to see, I ate sugar, I didn’t work out, my couch became nap central. I just felt so sad.

But here’s the cool think about being the kind of person who believes she can create her own reality…

I thought, isn’t it better to feel happy? And how I can I do that again?

So I checked my dvd player- yep, my workout dvd was still in there…
I checked my drawer- yep, clean sports bras ready to see some action…
And even though I was tired and still sad, and probably had visible tear marks on my cheeks, I hit play.
And I remembered how STRONG working out makes me feel. This body that I’m in has completed 3 half marathons. It has completely transformed more than once (losing about 75lbs one go around). The wings on my back flew me all the way from a little city in Ohio to my dream location of Southern California. And the tears I had been releasing so often lately were simply cleansing energy making room for more happiness in my body.

It didn’t even take the whole workout for me to feel better- I felt better after the warm up! It was like my body said, “Alright! She’s back! It’s time to play!”.

Then I hopped back on to Facebook, and found my tribe still there. A group of women that come together with the common goal of staying fit and helping others do the same. These women juggle jobs, children, cats, dogs, parents, bills, heart aches of their own… and yet we all have found a purpose of putting our health at a top priority. We all have felt the high of completing our daily workout- sometimes wanting to do one more or take off for a run after just finishing leg day.

We understand that if everything in this world is made of energy, and we have the power to use physical activity to change and up ours, we’d be so silly not to…

And science backs it up! Moving our bodies changes the chemicals in our brains! (good easy read- http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-10798/6-reasons-why-exercise-makes-you-happy.html)

So my advice to myself- and anyone else who is interested,
When you feel like things or people around you aren’t treating you as well as you’d like, decide to treat yourself really well. Take care of yourself, show yourself how strong you are, how fun you are, how young you are. And then do it again the next day ;)
<![CDATA[the impulse not resisted]]>Sat, 24 Oct 2015 05:13:04 GMThttp://designyourselffit.weebly.com/blog/the-impulse-not-resistedI think we throw around the word addiction the same way we throw around other strong detrimental words. But sometimes simply using these words bring us down even more! The limit us, they anchor us, they enclose us in a labeled box and give us an excuse to give up.

I've been to my share of meetings. I've felt addicted to the struggle of food. I've seen both sides of the coin- there is the side that stuffed herself- getting lost in numbing with food, and there's the flip side that enjoyed chasing the feeling of hunger, enjoyed the idea of denying her body what's it's asking for because I could anticipate a different set of results. Many times people with these experiences will label themselves addicts and feel hopeless. And while I'm not minimizing the struggle... I do encourage you to ask yourself, is this really a hopeless situation- or just a really tough one?

Dr. Phil posed an amazing question to an addict that has stuck with me. He asked,
I loved this question because it really drew a line between a disease and a lack of discipline and responsibility. It's not meant to judge people who are struggling, but to set them free and help them realize that they are a just small daily choice away from breaking out of the chains that are holding them down.

Tonight I was craving chocolate. I thought about cookies, I thought about ice cream. I dreamed about sugar. And then I walked to store and looked at those things. I read the ingredients, I look at the sugar contents, and then I RESISTED THE IMPULSE. I chose a box of tea instead. I will sleep tonight without guilt, without judgement of my choices.

What will you choose today?

XO Jamie
<![CDATA["That's not Sexy"]]>Sat, 19 Sep 2015 06:36:00 GMThttp://designyourselffit.weebly.com/blog/thats-not-sexyI was on my way to the restroom today when a co-worker stopped me. She pointed at my collar bones and said, "That's not sexy"

She continued to tell me not to lose weight and explained that she has been big her whole life and loves it. She enjoys the pleasure of food and is healthier than her thinner siblings.
My response was, "Good. If you're happy with yourself, that's good." But what I'd really like to say to her and every other person around me who thinks it's their business is...

(or for that matter- anyone else's)

I know she didn't have bad intentions. But why is it that women's bodies and bodies parts are up for constant observation and conversation?  We like to say that men are shallow visual creatures, but the truth is that as an adult there has not been one man who has made me feel bad about the way I look. But there have been a multitude of women who do so.

To those of you who have commented on my legs, my ass, my skin, my hair and now my clavicle...  you can very kindly go fuck off (sorry Mom). 

Instead of talking about my shell, I invite you to talk about my quick witted humour, my compassion, and my unmatched talent for foreign accents. And then I invite you to find something that lights you up. Something that makes you smile. Find a few of those things actually, and fill your life with those.  

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." -Eleanor Roosevelt,
As a fitness coach I love helping people find hope and results when they embrace a healthy workout routine and are conscious of their nutrition. I want people to feel good about they way look, even if it's not society's ideal of beauty.  If you're having issues with what is now being called "body shaming", I like to refer you to Whitney Way Thore's site http://nobodyshame.com
And then pull a Taylor Swift and shake it off...